In recent years, I have been focusing on the application of statistic methodologies to a wide variety of applications. I prefer to solve complex problems with simple models that can be easily explained and understood by all readers despite their background. The statistical challenge is obvious, but the main struggle lies in introducing change to what have been deemed the common approach in the literature.

The past…

It was during my PhD years when I was introduced to an exciting area of statistics known as computer experiments or uncertainty quantification. My PhD works involve the development of new models to calibrate unknown parameters through a combination of simulated data of different fidelities, and a small amount of observed data. This type of problem is relevant in many areas of research, and I hope to be able to apply the methodologies in real applications.

I also did some fun stuff with fractional factorial split-plot design – an area of research that holds a special place in me and I hope to return to it in the next year.

Published work

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Work in progress

  • Goh, J. and Bingham, D., “Design and Analysis of Fractional Factorial Split-plot Designs: A Bayesian Approach”.